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Khagrachari Cantonment Public School & College Khagrachari Cantonment Public School & College

Khagrachari Cantonment Public School & College

School Code: 5264 || College Code: 5254 || EIIN: 132070

Message Of Principal Message


Having been entrusted with the responsibility of the principal of Khagrachari Cantonment Public School & College, I look forward to creating a congenial environment where the young boys and girls of our school and college will be able to thrive academically, socially and mentally.

My vision is to make every effort to turn Khagrachari Cantonment Public School & College to an extra ordinary performing institution in the country so that it can act as a beaming beacon for the learners. From this point of view, I emphasize on a triangular relationship among the teacher - student and guardian. Apart from this, adequate emphasis is given on classroom activities, co-curricular activities and building capacity among our staff and community.

Through dedication, hard work and collective efforts we can assist our students reaching the zenith of the progress and academic excellence. Let each of us imbibed with an enduring team spirit and work hard to materialize the noble vision for Khagrachari Cantonment Public School & College.

Knowledge is Power.


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