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Khagrachari Cantonment Public School & College Khagrachari Cantonment Public School & College

Khagrachari Cantonment Public School & College

School Code: 5264 || College Code: 5254 || EIIN: 132070

Message Of Chairman Message


Khagrachari Cantonment Public School and College (KCPSC) starts its journey on 28 December 2005 after being inaugurated by the then Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Moeen-U-Ahmed, ndc, psc. With an eye to imparting quality education and spreading the light of standard education among the people of poor socio-economic background of this hill district, Bangladesh Army took keen interest to establish this institution.
From the very beginning this educational institution is playing a vital role of the torchbearer torching the light of truth and knowledge upon the darkness of ignorance once prevailed in the lives of this backward hill area. As a remote and marginal area, the people of this ground were out of better facilities of education. Bangladesh Army then quickly felt it necessary to set up an institution with good grade of education. And since then, the concerned authority of this institution has been working days and nights to facilitate standard education among the people of this area. With the passage of time, Khagrachari Cantonment Public School and College has become a role model educational institution among the people of this locality in case of imparting quality and neoteric education, driving them to improve knowledge, guiding them to competitive world as well as uplifting their lifestyle.
Effective academic planning, co-curricular activities, praise worthy discipline, standard academic results, digitization of education, multimedia classrooms, 24 hour CC Camera security have ornamented the institution as one of the model institutions in this hill district. The results of PSE, JSC, SSC and HSC examinations have added a new dimension to its success. In a word, Khargrachari Cantonment Public School and College is now a landmark, a milestone, an epicenter in the field of modern education.
I would like to thank all the Patrons, the Chairmen of Governing Body, Principals and the personnel who dreamt and labored for this institution since its outset. I take pride in all the existing laborious teachers and staffs for their relentless toil for keeping up such praiseworthy position of the institution.
I expect, the newly launched Institution Management System (IMS) of this institution will undoubtedly accelerate close interaction among teachers, students, guardians and administration as well. I am sanguine; the resources provided online will ensure availability of indispensable information to students and guardians. Students and guardians will also be able to express their opinions and observations to the authority through web contact option.
After all, I hope the newly introduced Institution Management System (IMS) will carry the glorious image of the institution to the millions of people of the globe bearing the torch of knowledge everywhere.

Finally, I wish all the success of Khagrachari Cantonment Public School and College

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