Khagrachari Cantonment Public School & College

School Code: 5264 || College Code: 5254 || EIIN: 132070

At a Glance

At a Glance

Studying at Khagrachari Cantonment Public School and College means being a recipient of balanced and liberal education enrolled in Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Levels following the prescribed curriculum of NCTB from highly qualified and experienced teaching staff and leading a standard and disciplined student life in a suitable environment.

We develop competitive attitude and discipline among the students by the guidance of highly qualified teachers who regularly provide classroom education and restlessly monitor their progress, help them in solving problems, counsel in personal issues, encourage them in overcoming barriers and assist them in multilateral ways which also result in establishing unique communication among teachers, students and parents.


Learning opportunities including – large library, laboratories (physics, chemistry, biology, ICT and geography), classroom equipped with digital facilities, variety of lectures, seminars as well as various modern amenities of classroom teaching offered by Khagrachari Cantonment Public School and College are highly rich.


Khagrachari Cantonment Public School and College creates opportunity for mental, moral, social and physical development through a wide range of extra-curricular activities arranging for the students which also flourish their potential talents. As we are committed to provide quality education, most up-to-date teaching and learning methods are available here.

After all, Khagrachari Cantonment Public School and College inculcates patriotic zeal among the students and makes them prepared for future to lead the nation through academic, ethical, extra-curricular and technological teaching as well.

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